Cherish Every Moment

I just turned 30 years old and believe me I was a little worry to reach this age. I am not scared of aging, neither I have a fear of keep going with my life. I was just a little worried about not enjoying every single moment of my life. I did something that to me is reckless. I booked a flight to Miami, and I decided to visit my good friend in south beach while I celebrated my big 30s. It was a quick trip, but I enjoyed so much. I met my friend and he did a great job showing me around. I met some great people and developed this fearless love for Milo (my friend’s dog.)


If you know me, I wasn’t a fan of dogs at all. I was the type to graciously say: “oh, how cute” but that was it. Milo made me realize that is never too late to try new things. It took only one second for him to jump on me while we were driving, and that changed every fear I ever had for the lovely poppy. Milo proceeded to just be a sweetheart the rest of my short trip buying my heart for good.


I am now 30th years, and you are probably thinking: “Lando is kind of old to be afraid of dogs” But I am here thinking: it took me 30 years to open up to a new love and give myself permission to cherish every moment.


Hope to read any feedbacks, see you soon.