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It is important to know that if we make a mistake, we don't become less of a Son of God. God loves our broken hearts for what he is the greatest. God's grace covers us to become better in him. I was in the mistake of believing that while I did something wrong; I wasn't worthy of God's presence at that moment. I didn't realize that God was right there taking care of me the whole time, cause he can't be shaken by anything. 


I try to find peace in giving back. However, what I do is not what is going to get me the peace. Rather how I do things is what matters to God. So go out there and be kind and thankful. Be perseverant on building a character that will bring you peace. When you build a character with God as a foundation, God will guide your temper towards a peaceful place. As a result, you will live a stress less life, make wiser decisions, and find your purpose in this life. 


I had mentioned this magazine in the last #givingback post. Today, I want to make a bigger emphasis about it. You can go online and read some articles published on this magazine. I like to describe it as a very informative current magazines that will not only guide you to find ways to give back, but it will also bring many current topics with a touch of a Christian culture.

It's super cheap to subscribe, but you can always access the material online.


Go to (click here), and enjoy a great ready while learning awesome ways how to go about your daily life.


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