Lando Of the Week

What better way to start #landooftheweek with the talented @dominateanotherday. I like to use this section to let others express what #style means for them. So down below Rafi did just that. Go follow him on Instagram

"As I was growing up, I viewed style as having an edgy haircut, layering with Burberry sweaters, walking in Balmain jeans, viewing the world in Prada frames, or dominating another day in Maison Martin Margiela sneakers. Now I fully understand that style surpasses these things and fully involves communication. Style is the way you want to communicate who you are to the world. This does not mean style of speaking but letting people view who you are without saying a word. Confidence is the secret of style. A confident person can make you believe that a $36 outfit is worth $2,000 just by the way they are standing. Style can also be interpreted through art, the art of tattoos. Im in a comfortable place in life in which I view my body as a garden that needs to be taken care of a needs to be well kept. This love allowed me to sketch out the roses I have tattooed on my arm, depicting my body as the garden of Eden. Style is rooted from within and when you're confident inside, the outside will show."