Cherish Every Moment

I just turned 30 years old and believe me I was a little worry to reach this age. I am not scared of aging, neither I have a fear of keep going with my life. I was just a little worried about not enjoying every single moment of my life. I did something that to me is reckless. I booked a flight to Miami, and I decided to visit my good friend in south beach while I celebrated my big 30s. It was a quick trip, but I enjoyed so much. I met my friend and he did a great job showing me around. I met some great people and developed this fearless love for Milo (my friend’s dog.)


If you know me, I wasn’t a fan of dogs at all. I was the type to graciously say: “oh, how cute” but that was it. Milo made me realize that is never too late to try new things. It took only one second for him to jump on me while we were driving, and that changed every fear I ever had for the lovely poppy. Milo proceeded to just be a sweetheart the rest of my short trip buying my heart for good.


I am now 30th years, and you are probably thinking: “Lando is kind of old to be afraid of dogs” But I am here thinking: it took me 30 years to open up to a new love and give myself permission to cherish every moment.


Hope to read any feedbacks, see you soon.



Live Generously

Hello guys,

I am happy to share with you an amazing message I learned during Hilllsong Conference’s first night. First, I don't like to talk much about religion, but I guess it's better for me to invite you with open arms to my Sunday meetings, rather than pointing fingers at you. Hilllsong is an amazing family that began in Australia, and it came to NYC a few years ago. A good friend of mine brought me to this amazing party a few months ago, and I enjoy it with passion. This is not only cause it is a welcoming place to ALL, but it is so current and in love with Jesus that it is impossible not feel something if you get to go. You can learn more about Hilllsong church and Hilllsong United band at

Now let's get to business, you guys know this space is meant to learn about ways to give back. However, giving back doesn't always have to involve money. I can give back by generously sharing though and knowledge, as well as, offering love to others. It occurred to me that I can shamelessly share with you guys about how happy I am when I find a time to end my weekend worshiping the One who gives me all I have, while I start a new week with a Monday full of a great message. 

Realistically, as human beings, life doesn't allow us to fully reach happiness every second of our journey. In contrary, struggles come to all of us, even to those of us who try to walk with Jesus. It is why I am sharing the message I learned at Hilllsong conference as I can only hope it will serve you as much as I am hoping it will help me... 

Happiness, how to reach Joy!!! 

Happiness, try to follow these steps and see Joy come to your life constantly... 

1. Live outwardly: allow yourself to live from the inside out, instead of allowing the exterior determine how you live.

2. Live generously: not about money, but about given anything that makes others happy, such as time and love. "The world of the generous gets larger and larger."

3. Live committed to others people's happiness: If you are depressed, go and find someone who has bigger struggles than you do and work towards that person happiness. 

4. Live worshipfully:  happy are those people who hear the word and the call of God to worship!  Worshiping God is the best way to get out of dark moments and sad feelings!! 

5. Live peacefully: don't allow small daily arguments to perturb your peace! When you feel anger cause of your surroundings or someone else, it is like drinking poison and hoping that somebody else will die from it...

6. Live gracefully: remember how happy you were when you saw something you really love for the first time? As time passes by, we forget how to be graceful for something when we have become familiar with!! 


In conclusion, guys, Happiness is not always easy to find, especially if we are looking in the wrong places everyday. Do for others and offer things to others that will bring happiness to them... And just be happy about that. As a result, you will have less time to focus on your own predicament on the journey to happiness. 

Remember, giving back is not only about money, but it is also about generously giving your time and love to others.

See you next post,



Helpful Reading

It is important to know that if we make a mistake, we don't become less of a Son of God. God loves our broken hearts for what he is the greatest. God's grace covers us to become better in him. I was in the mistake of believing that while I did something wrong; I wasn't worthy of God's presence at that moment. I didn't realize that God was right there taking care of me the whole time, cause he can't be shaken by anything. 


I try to find peace in giving back. However, what I do is not what is going to get me the peace. Rather how I do things is what matters to God. So go out there and be kind and thankful. Be perseverant on building a character that will bring you peace. When you build a character with God as a foundation, God will guide your temper towards a peaceful place. As a result, you will live a stress less life, make wiser decisions, and find your purpose in this life. 


I had mentioned this magazine in the last #givingback post. Today, I want to make a bigger emphasis about it. You can go online and read some articles published on this magazine. I like to describe it as a very informative current magazines that will not only guide you to find ways to give back, but it will also bring many current topics with a touch of a Christian culture.

It's super cheap to subscribe, but you can always access the material online.


Go to (click here), and enjoy a great ready while learning awesome ways how to go about your daily life.


See you next post



Give Back Clean Water to Someone in Need..

 We all serve to something or someone; the scariest thing is not to know what or whom we are serving to! God 's mercy is always present, even when we think we don't deserve him. I believe in Jesus, and the great things he is able to do. God's love can't be undone, it doesn't matter what we do or if we believe we are not worth of God's presence in our lives. We already are covered under the insurance of the Calvary. It's undoubtedly important to do everything from, for and by Jesus. We all need his grace, and we all can accept it and be closer to him. He is closer than we know. 

This is a channel to give back. It is a space to express that God has a mission and a purpose for our lives. I feel we all can kindly act more like what God wants us to act like everyday. Trying to be good is not enough, just like words are meaningless without actions. I know that many of us don't know where to start; I want to say that creating a relationship with God is the first step, if you don't have one already. But a true relationship, not just to say that You believe in him (which is great).

Do you run every thing you do by God? I have good news; he is still with you if you don't. He loves you and wants the best for you. 

I love to give back. I love to share what God has giving me, which are the great things I get to think just an ordinary things of my everyday life. Waking up, eating, working, walking... All of those things God gives me for free everyday. So I love to praise him by giving someone else the opportunity to thank him too. 

I always find good ways to give back, although it is the easiest thing to do. 

To give back is:

  • To not judge
  • To not control 
  • To not expect a return

But, it is great to give back in a fun way. I will be trying to post here the many ways of giving back I can possibly find, which takes me to the next part:

So, Reading a magazine I subscribed to called RELEVANT (click the name to learn more about it), I found MUDLOVE.COM

Mudlove is a website where you find awesome stuffs for you, and while you get them you are giving back. EVERY PRODUCT YOU PURCHASE PROVIDES ONE WEEK OF CLEAN WATER TO SOMEONE IN NEED. I think that's a beautiful thing. Go and check it out ... It is important to give back, and I really hope that this is the first of many post to help and give anyone out there reading this, the channel to do it.  Watch the video below to hear more about the story of Water for Good.


Be good